Thursday, May 28, 2009

My furball Sissy

this furball was my littel play mate TT on the 18 of may she got werry sick so my bean has not ben posting wif me mom took her to the M.E to y her die so fast if you come to the blog wher yu see Steppa or MY BABYS you can see allabout her bean is having a hard time seing thru the tears

Monday, May 18, 2009

how do i look

Well my bean is finely traind the right way Her and Him have ben looking fur a sofa to fit me fur olmost 2 yers Puff it is a long time fur a wuffy Rere am Braking it in
Do u fink i fit well i love it But my bean her sey it to big fur living room
How can her fink about taking it back when i and my Furball J R MAN looks so good on here Littel bit a bout my bean her is on a lot of mets and hope her will feele better soon JAAAAAAAAA her geting old so now her neets new parts fur her body but her cant fine them So if u got sper Legs and nose do send them to PO Box 010000 usa fank you LILYPosted by Picasa