Monday, March 9, 2009


Hey girl let me tell you a secret psss and he pss and her pss
See i du have a toyes of my one and iam having funn geting redy to see whate is on the inside
OO I make the bean mad at me i wuffy and wuffy at the kids outside and her told me Rotten babys gets time out i dont like time out her is waving he finger at me her is a loony
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Suzuki said...

Aww poor Lily :( I don't like time out's either.
Big licks to you

THE ZOO said...

oohh tyme owts are bad. it makes us sad.

THE ZOO said...

yoos bein a gud watch doggie. who knows whut kiddies are up to.

caspersmom said...

Oh poor woofie is getting time out doing what doggies do. Woof Woof. At least you had some fun with the bean and her stuff.


Margaret Cloud said...

You should be aloud to woof+woof, you are a doggie, very cute.

Mickey's Musings said...

Lily,I would not like a time out either!!!! Hope it did not last long :)
Purrs Mickey

Martha said...

Hi Lily
Thank you for coming to visit us at our blog.
We are very pleased to meet you.
We are sorry that, like us, you live with a human who doesn't understand you!
Of course you must woof!!
Keep in touch we love meeting new friends.
Martha & Bailey xx

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Thanks for dropping by our blog. Our dog Angel (Dumber) likes to tear up her toys too. She's just like her Grandma who used to pull the squeekies out of her dolls.
Queen of da Ozark Mountain Cats