Friday, July 10, 2009


My beautiful girl thank you for being my Best frind for 16 yes and forgive me for i did to day
Her i am leting the new girl know who the boss is AND yes She was the boss when she told you jump u just asked how HI
And the best thing she was to all babys was a MOM baby kitty and woffys mice and bean babys MY live will bot be the same with out you baby girl but now u are free But with the help of LILY LOVER GUY AKA GEORG LOL Steppa Shmoo JrMan And my littel mus who sleep with you to make sure u did not get lonly i think we will make it NOW GOD U HAVE TAKEN MY 3 so let me be
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momsbusy said...

bye bye baby girl. give bossy and tt kisses when they meet you at the bridge.

y2kt & momsbusy

caspersmom said...

Bye sweet girl. I know you gave your Momma and Dad some
great memories. You will live on in their heartjust like my Sugarfoot so many long years ago and I still remember him with a special place in my heart. Purrs and Prayers to you Loa and hubby. God Bless.

Mickey's Musings said...

THought we would drop by and see how you are doing! It must be little sad without TT and Peaches and Bossi.
We herd it was also your birthday!!
If so, we wish you lot of joy!!!
Hope you get lots of kitty purrs & doggie licks!!
Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie